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Choosing a new horn is a very personal matter.

We all have a totally unique sound - we don’t sound like anybody else even when playing an identical instrument.

What we are all looking for in a horn however, is the same.

We want to find the horn that most easily enables us to realise the sound we imagine in our head – our ‘inner trumpet sound’. All horns will colour or affect that sound in some way – we just have to remember that it is us, not the horn, who has the voice. 

We believe that any one of the Eclipse models could be used very successfully in any musical circumstance. However the variety of bells available make it possible to select an Eclipse instrument that feels tailor-made to your own playing requirements.

Eclipse trumpets are available in two throat styles:


The medium throat bell is a standard size bell with a profile designed to provide great versatility available in yellow or red brass, standard weight (0.5mm wall thickness), or our Lightweight Yellow Brass option (0.4mm wall thickness).


The large bell has a more open throat and a slower taper to the flare which makes for a larger sound with less resistance and room for a lot more air; available in yellow or red brass. The both the Yellow and Red Bells have a standard wall thickness of 0.5mm.

Medium Yellow Lightweight Bell

Our lightweight version of our popular Medium Yellow bell is our most responsive bell due to the thinner material of the wall. It is also our brightest bell and perfect for Lead players, Musical Theatre and any style where a bright sound is required.

Medium Yellow Bell (MY) 126mm.jpg
Medium Yellow Bell

This is one of our most popular bells. This bell offers an amazing core to the sound. It is not quite as bright as the MYL however this bell is very capable of offering the sizzle that many players are looking for. It is perfect for Lead Players, Musical Theatre, Jazz and Orchestral playing dependant on your setup.

Medium Yellow Bell (MY) 126mm.jpg
Medium Red Bell

This is a very popular bell due to its versatility. It has an amazing core similar to the MY but has a slightly darker, rounder sound compared to the MY. This bell however can still sizzle as well as also being capable of producing a more mellow sound when asked. This is a good bell for all styles of music. This bell allows you to have one Trumpet that will be able to deliver whatever sound you need it to produce.

Medium Red Bell (MR) 126mm.jpg
Large Yellow Bell

This bell can take a lot of airflow. It isn’t as direct as the MY but still projects the sound extremely well and has a great core whilst retaining brightness. If you deliver a lot of air flow into the Trumpet then this bell will be great for you.

Large Yellow Bell (LY) 130mm.jpg
Large Red Bell

This is our most mellow rounded bell. If you are looking for a smooth sound, then this bell is definitely worth considering. It has a great core to its sound and projects very well. It will handle any amount of air but sound amazing when you back off the air. This bell would be great for Jazz.

Eclipse Large Red Bell 130mm diam.jpg
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