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MAW Valve Design System & Eclipse

  • Improves note stability, legato passages

  • staccato attacks

  • Increases clarity

  • Makes playing easier

  • Center notes with precision

  • More sound with less effort

  • For trumpets, cornets and flugelhorns

What would happen if you combined the best aspects of both pistons and rotors in one valve? 
Pistons have a direct stroke and a great feel in the hand. There is no lost motion in any type of linkage system, and maintenance is quite simple. 
Rotors are extremely uniform inside. They are great for all types of music, including legato passages, and valved notes tend to play as well as open tones. 

Building upon these great characteristics, the MAW Valve goes one step further. Many prior pistons, compromised by bumps in the wind ways, are inherently distortive.
These bumps de­grade the quality of a horn's performance. 

Bumps alter sound waves. To avoid this, the MAW Valve opens the middle wind way to create a smooth rotor-like passage. Both of the wind ways above and below this middle passage are now smooth and round inside the MAW Valve. The geometry of the patent MAW Valve advances the playing characteristics of a horn. With the MAW Valve, sound waves traveling through the instrument are less disrupted. Playing is easier. There is a fuller sound with less effort.

Notes tend to be more stable with increased clarity. Combining the best qualities of pistons and rotors, the MAW Valve is now ready for you to try. As replacement valve or complete machine available. 

Test for yourself. 
See for yourself. 
Hear the difference. 


MAW Valve System

The MAW Valve System is
now available on our:

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