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Welcome to 'On the bench' - a behind the scenes look at what we get up to in our workshop. From designing new concepts on our professional hand-made instruments, to taking in some sad cases of neglected or damaged premium instruments, or even making bespoke film props for the movie industry!


Call back often to see our latest bench beauties brought back to life by our Eclipse 'Surgeons'!

If you have a 'project' you would like us to take care of, get in touch with our 'Wizard' Doctor's of all things Brass, and we'll give you our best diagnosis.

Eclipse also take part exchange on most professional range instruments.

Please contact us regarding this and we can price your instrument for you.

Eclipse Instrument Build, Repairs and Renovations

Calicchio Bb Trumpet

This beautiful instrument arrived at our workshops in a terribly sad state, most workshops would simply drop this into the melt bin, but at Eclipse, we respect the instrument designers and engineers that created this beautiful horn, and felt it our duty to return this poor instrument back to its original condition. 3 long days, and lots of wizardry later, she was back, and ready to serve it's owner for decades to come. If you have a gem hiding in your attic that you've given up on, we haven't - so send in some pictures, and we'll let you know what it will take to return your deserving instrument back into action.

Martin Committee Bb Trumpet

This is a 1956 Martin Committee we took in a few weeks back in quite a sad state. We have now fully overhauled it and will be clear lacquered. 

The Company was led by Fred Holtz from 1931 until 1948. It was in the late 30s that the famous Martin Committee was designed. Concerning the role of Renold Schilke in the design of the Committee, Wallace

It is generally believed that the quality of Martin products eroded after 1956 -- in an interview Chet Baker spoke about switching to a Connstellation at that time because a trip to the Martin factory did not yield a good horn.